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Rent or Buy

Eliminate all concerns about entering and exiting your home by calling RAMPS for Aging In My Place Mobility Services LLC. Ramp rentals are the preferred solution to address access barriers that prevent attendance at church, Doctors apt., grocery shopping, holiday gatherings, graduations or other celebrations inside or outside your home.


Why you should choose RAMPS for Aging In My Place Mobility Services LLC:

We can help guide our customers to determine whether it is more cost effective to rent or buy. Ramp rentals allow our customers to respond quickly to their guests or loved ones needs without rushing a purchase. As a general rule, rentals that last longer than six months provide less value than an outright purchase. Our ramp experts can help provide all the information you require and recommend a course of action for your consideration. Should you elect to purchase after a rental we will convert and apply up to 75% of your rental fees toward the purchase price of your ramp. You can relax knowing your home access is safe for you and your guests.

Accessibility Ramps

steel ramp

RAMPS for Aging In My Place can configure ramps in a multitude of ways which are compliant with ADA guidelines and codes. Ultimately the optimal design assures safety, effective use and conforms with all standards at the very best value possible. RAMPS for AGING IN MY PLACE accessibility specialists are experienced and professionally trained to navigate these requirements for you. When using our preliminary costing tools be sure to consider that our specialist's recommendations may differ from yours in configuration and cost. Their evaluation covers a wide array of concerns the satisfaction of which will produce a thoughtful, safe, and efficient solution that will serve you well now and in the future.

If you would like a preliminary phone estimate:

  • Double click the hyperlink measurement form in parenthesis or select measurement form from our home page menu (Measurement Form).
  • Follow the instructions on the form to measure for the ramp.
  • Fill out the form and contact us at 248-383-5767 or send us an email with the form attached to aginginmyplace.com with preliminary pricing in the subject line.
  • When envisioning your design be sure to consider the strength of those that will use the ramp or that of their care taker. Generally ramp pitches steeper than 1' per foot require assistance as we age. Door swing can also affect what ramp modules are selected in this area. Additionally, the final landing area of the ramp should be on a hard flat area such as concrete or pavers. Grass can be difficult and unpredictable to navigate. Learn more about how to attach forms as files to email.
Holiday Ramp Rentals

Giving access to your home without barriers is a great way to unite families. Our ramps can often be installed within 24 hours in the event of an accident or unforeseen medical problem. holiday aluminum ramp Our services do not alter your home or land so when your rental is complete you will never know we were there.

Holiday ramp rentals are a meaningful and appreciated way to express our love for one another. More than other gifts our attendance at holiday affairs holds value for years to come for all participants. We may not remember the neck tie or perfume but we can and do remember each other's conversations and laughter.

Aging or injury need not end these valuable experiences. Let RAMPS for Aging In My Place Mobility Services LLC identify and remove any accessibility barriers to the creation of these wonderful memories. Our professional staff will assess your needs and suggest a solution. Be assured your guests will greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness in enabling them to join in festivities while maintaining dignity and personal value.

Please call 248-383-5767 to request a quote or use our online forms to take pictures and measurements then email that information to us. We can quote from that. When confident of a need we can send a representative at no charge to your home to prepare a professional site evaluation and estimate of proposal.


Our customers don't always know how long they will need a ramp in place. Their injuries or challenges may not be predictable as in the case of a stroke or amputation. Sometimes visitors require accessibility ramps to visit a home, business, or school. Our ramp solutions can keep your visitors safe and make them feel welcome by allowing the visitor to enable their own mobility.

RAMPS for Aging In My Place Mobility Services LLC can provide an affordable wheelchair ramp rental solution for periods as short as a day in whatever configuration you require. Rentals include the setup/take down charge and the ramp rental charge. Please contact us at 248-383-5767 or fill out our measuring form to receive an approximate cost over the phone. A ramp expert can also be scheduled to professionally measure and assess your need.



"My new ramp allows me to get in and out of my home safely. Thank you for giving me back my independence"
  -Joy K.

"My new ramp is a lifesaver. I can now enter and exit my home without being afraid of falling."
  -Debbie M. Rochester Hills, MI

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