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Certified Aging in Place Specialist

Over the next 19 years 80 million people will retire and according to a recent AARP housing survey 83% of those respondents have chosen to spend the rest of their lives in their current homes. This tidal wave of choice has been dubbed “Aging In Place” (AIP). Although the definition of which is still emerging, it is roughly defined as: “The execution of a plan to enable living in your own home safely despite increasing age and decreasing abilities”. This overwhelming majority wishes to secure the advantages of home aging. A few of the more compelling advantages are:

  • Independence – living at home encourages independence, preserves dignity, the will to live, and ultimately leads to a richer life. 
  • Self-reliance – home living more so than assisted living engages senior self-reliance thus promoting mental and physical health.
  • Cost savings – home living with required in home support is significantly less costly than either assisted living facilities or retirement home facilities.
  • Familiar environment - There’s no need to give up your home and belongings with a action plan, you can age in your own place with confidence.
  • Physical mental well being – RAMPS for Aging In My Place Mobility Services will address all your concerns and provide solutions to your challenges. We will take the time to listen, observe and address all your needs so you can relax and feel in control of your life and future.
  • Safety health  – allows full control of who, what and under what circumstances your home is entered and avoids the threat of communicable disease.
  • Maintain social networks – Keep long established local social networks.

While AIP provides significant advantages, there are challenges as well. As we age our needs and capabilities change, sometimes abruptly or unexpectedly. It is imperative for our independence that our homes change to meet those shifting realities. If unprepared these unaddressed changes can steal our independence by dictating our outcomes for us. Most Americans view that scenario as egregious. We are an independent bunch that truly values choice and resists anyone or situation that threatens that freedom of choice. Thus having an AIP plan is both the defending sword and enabling map of our desire to “age in place” (AIP). Homeowners wishing to ensure worry free AIP are creating effective plans with the professional assistance of a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) survey. It is reasonably simple to incorporate features that support AIP. Changes such as smoke detectors with strobe lights for failing hearing, controls that are easier for arthritic hands, doorway threshold transitions which prevent falls, grab bars to steady, and transitions from the bath and shower are just a few of the many concerns. Savvy homeowners use the CAPS survey as a guide to mitigate risk and maximize quality of life. Life can be something that happens to you or preferably something you plan for. The CDC suggests adopting the mindset of “Planning for your golden years now, before an accident happens, will likely allow for more independence as you age.

"One in three adults 65 and older falls every year, making falls the leading cause of injury / death among seniors", according to research published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  Further, a study from the University of Missouri dated March 15th, 2011 said "A New study from the University of Missouri shows the physical and financial benefits from Aging In Place. In a four –year analysis of Aging In Place, the total care costs for residents were thousands less than traditional care options. Costs for living and health care never approached the costs for nursing homes and assisted-living services. In addition, Aging In Place residents had improved mental and physical health outcomes."

 How do you join this majority? It is easy; just call 248-383-5767 to set up a CAPS survey visit. Our specialist will visit and perform a survey of your physical environment inside and outside the home. Our CAPS professional will also get to know you, your hobbies and your concerns. Finally, our CAPS representative will inquire about medical professionals working with you. We want to ensure that your plan reflects any changing needs identified by medical personnel attending you. All that information is then prepared in a report of recommendations provided to you. This is your plan to implement based on your choices and your priority.


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